Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device Reviews

If you need to know the Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device Reviews before purchase, then you are at the right place. Here you will find both the information regarding the product from the manufacturer and the user experience of the consumer. Read and decide whether to purchase  Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device or not.

In the world of beauty, standards are changing every day. Femineity requires shiny glass skin with no single hair present on the skin. That’s why Bosidin has brought a great hair removal device with OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) technology. An OPT technology is way above other laser technologies. It treats the skin gently and removes aging symptoms.

For many people, Bosidin is not a familiar name. Still, the products of Bosidin especially hair removing device is vastly occupying the beauty market. Moreover, many big brands like Philips and Braun are feeling competition with Bosidin. Moreover, in this article, we will give you detailed information related to Bosidin. Not only this, but we will also tell you how Bosidin is safe to use at home. So keep reading.

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What Is Bosidin Pain Less Permanent Hair Removal Device?

Bosidin has introduced the very first medical-grade hair removal device. It is astonishing that now you can bring high-end cosmetic technologies and use them at home. By high-end technologies, we mean expensive hair-removing cosmetic treatments that easily cost above 100$+ every session in the salon.

Bosidin takes one step further by involving medical experts of Stanford university in creating the device that performs hair removal without pain and with promising fewer hair growth results in the future. Moreover, it is perfectly engineered for both men and women. It has double beautification technology for hair-free young skin.

Highlighted Features

Shiny Lustrous Skin

Bosidin hair removal device comes in a sleek metallic body. Its beautiful golden and white-colored body makes you sense the class of creation. Further, medical aid technology gives you professional results in just three weeks. It takes the treatment up to the root level with deep-penetrating light and boosts the skin’s professional glow.

By professional touch, we mean smooth golden skin, zero spots with no visible hair follicles. Usually, which is impossible to attain with razors and other hair removal devices. Usually, with the razor, you experience strawberry skin, and further, laser devices lack inefficiency to work on every part of the body. The laser typically burns at the place of use.

Dynamic Cooling System

As women, we all know that hair removal experiences have always been harsh for all of us. Either you go to the salon or do it at home; you yell and cringe out of pain whenever hair leaves its follicle. But now, with Bosidin, it is possible within minutes to get rid of your body hair with less pain technology.

Bosidin has DCS technology in hair-removing devices. DCS technology maintains the temperature at 5-degrees centigrade throughout the procedure. By decreasing the body temperature at the place of hair removal, pain nerves become numb, and hence there will be less or no pain experience. And no burning sensations after the process.

Easy Hair Removing Experience

Bosidin is very smartly engineered to ensure the suppress hair growth. It is effortless to use on the normal facial hair, hand, and unnecessary leg hair removal. Its body structure covers all the corners and edges of the body that you want special attention to. But what about other delicate parts of the body? Bosidin hair removal device has 180 degrees revolving head, enabling it to fit easily at every aspect of the body.

In addition to that, Bosidin has checked its OPT technology for over 70 skin tests. Further, Research and development department R&D has signed its efficacy over 20 countries to ensure the quality of hair removing technology worldwide. It is also an FDA-approved technology.

OPT Technology Or IPL Technology

IPL stands for Intense pulsed light, which was previously used in hair removing devices. IPL devices were designed for home usage. Many known brands like Philips and Braun’s uses IPL technology in their hair removal device. Although these devices show significant results, Bosidin is one step ahead of IPL technology.

OPT stands for Optimal Pulse technology, which mainly concentrates the light on a single area rather than scattering it all over the skin surface. It penetrates the light deeper into the skin hair follicle and causes a reduction in hair growth. This means it not only declines hair growth but also imparts a natural glow to the skin.

Skin Rejuvenation Technology

It is a full-time face treatment at home with Bosidin specialized skin rejuvenation technology. Now, what skin rejuvenation technology does? It simply is a complete makeover of your face. It reduces fine lines and dark spots from the skin.

In addition to OPT, Bosidin uses red light rejuvenation technology. With Red light rejuvenation technology, Bosidin boosts collagen formation in the skin. Increased collagen formation makes skin looks tighter, younger, and glowing. Bosidin OPT high-efficiency technology will leave no hair behind. Removed hairs often leave soring skin, but not anymore with Bosidin.

Up to 96% Hair Growth Reduction

Bosidin hair removal device is equipped with Multi-Frequency Equipped Technology (MCFT) which supports the heat to build up at a follicular level, which results in powerfully closing the hair follicles. This results in a decrease of hair growth up to 96%.

However, the results will differ gender-wise. Because man tends to have, more thick and frequent hair build up as compared to the woman. Plus, hormonal stimulation is the most significant contributing factor to hair growth. So, it is advised to use Bosidin for a more extended period for the most evident results. At least use it four times a month.

Feminine Gift

Firstly, once you purchase Bosidin, it will last for 3-5 years. Secondly, it can be a great gift to any elegant woman as it comes in different color combinations with a beautiful golden touch. It is available in green, white, and even black color with golden edges. Lastly, for your satisfaction, let me tell you that Bosidin had also won the Red Dot German design Award in 2020.

That is why we call the Bosidin hair removing device different from already available products of laser technology. With its efficiency and production protocol, Bosidin has set its mark in the fashion industry as well. So, if you do not like razors, tweezers, and fed up with burning sensations from old laser devices, rest your hand on the Bosidin hair removal device.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Less pain at the site.
  • No skin irritation.
  • Rejuvenates skin.


  • Slightly costly.
  • Not for dark skin.
  • Cord power supply.


How Bosidin Pain Less Permanent Hair Removal Device Works?

You have to follow small steps for using this fantastic OPT technology.

Shave The Surface Of Skin

As we all know that like all other laser devices, Bosidin works on hair follicles and not on the hair shaft. So before using it, shave the skin’s surface so that when you apply Bosidin on the skin, the light penetrates directly deeper into the hair follicle.

Without shaving, 99% of the light will go to waste. Because if you do not shave, the light will strike with the hair shaft and get scattered everywhere, causing itching and rash. Ultimate results will be burned and inflamed skin.

Select Desired Mode

Bosidin is for whole-body usage. This means you can use it on legs, hands, abdomen, bikini line area, underarms, and other delicate parts of the body. But you have to select the Mode first. As you plug in the device, the light starts to come out. Then you according to the desired usage, set the Mode.

Bosidin has made the Mode very precise for every part of the body. There are six corresponding modes, five modes are for body treatment, and the 6th Mode is SR photon therapy mode. Scroll the golden button and select your Mode.

Cool The Skin

DCSch Mode is an optional feature, which Bosidin has incorporated in its hair-removing device to treat you like a spa. If you are feeling pain at the point of treatment, you can switch on this mode.

DCS button is available on the top of the lustrous Bosidin body. The sign of the snowflake represents the cooling effect. Once you press the button, the device will lower your body temperature to 5 degrees centigrade, and you will feel less pain.

No Need To Press Button

In older hair-removing devices, it was the harsh reality that you have to press a button every time to use across the body. This leaves a lot of frustration and a nearly broken thumb. Conversely, Bosidin has designed the hair removing machine with CPT (continuous pulse technology).

With Continuous pulse technology, the device will automatically stop for 1-2 seconds before the flash activates. You just on it once and glide across the body. With its rotating head, you can reach the most desired but difficult places of your body. Just hold the handle in hand and let the Bosidin takes control.

Is Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device Safe?

Yes, Bosidin is safe for hair removal. Because Bosidin has claimed that it is tested over all kinds of skin, they have not designed it on a commercial level only. But have also involved medical derma experts regarding its safety.

Firstly, Bosidin has run tests in over 365 countries. Secondly, the research and development department has also involved FDA for its approval for safe usage. And FDA has signed this product as safe and suitable for the skin. Lastly, it comes with a complete package of safety razors and sunglasses for all sorts of precautionary steps.

However, it is recommended not to use it on dark skin and over red or gray hairs. But people who are new and first-time getting familiar with laser technology should try Bosidin. The reason behind this is that it has cooling technology for minor pain irritation and rejuvenating skin results.

How Often Should I Use It?

With the comfort and its flexible structure design, it is effortless to use by both men and women. But it does not mean that you can use it every day. It is recommended to use the hair removing device twice a week. This should be continued for 4-8 weeks for visible results.

However, as we all know, the human body differs from one another, so the effect of Bosidin will also vary. Which means they use and result shall not be identical on different individual. It is advised that if you have fast hair growth, results will be shown after more than one month.

On the other hand, people with significantly less and thin hairs all over the body can see a growth reduction of hairs within one month or less. So, take your full knowledge about your physiology and then decide either Bosidin is working best for you or not, as per the claim.

Does Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device Work?

Yes, it does. There is no second thought about it. The multiple vibrating and light-emitting technology give self-satisfactory results. All the woman who has used Bosidin are happy and have saved a lot of money.

In addition to the above points, it is wise to invest in Bosidin because it is a one-time investment. You do not have to run for purchasing different head attachments for every single part of the body like previous IPL devices. Bosidin new hair removing devices are all equipped with necessary attachments.

The magnetic head attachment feature made it impossible for every hair to hide. Attach the head and turn the device on. The adjustment facility will treat the tricky areas very professionally. Leaving behind the smoothest skin you have ever had.

Final Verdict Regarding Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device Reviews

To sum up, although Bosidin is costly as compared to the other market available devices. But it is wise to invest money in it. Because its photo-facial technology gives you salon-grade rejuvenation of the skin, plus, you will be saving money and time by not visiting clinics and dermatologists monthly.

Do not get tempted by less money-demanding IPL hair-removing devices. When it comes to beauty enhancement, Bosidin is great as it is approved by FDA and beauty experts. Plus, it comes with clear guidelines regarding its safe usage, and none of its users have faced any rash reactions. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your Bosidin hair removal device today.

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