The Best Percussion Massage Guns UK to Buy in 2022

Percussion massage guns have gained popularity among gym-goers, CrossFit enthusiasts, and some NBA athletes such as Kyrie Irving as a sport massage technique. Because they excellently relax muscles. Also, they increase your muscle recovery after workouts, reduce muscle soreness, and limit the excessive lactic acid build up in your percussion massage guns UK

A good massage gun has always resulted in enough energy after workouts and reduced post-workout pain and muscle stress. Due to their increased popularity, a lot of companies have geared their resources towards making them.

And this has made it almost difficult to opt for the best percussion massage guns on the UK market. In this post, we look at five massage guns to buy for your daily routines. Here, we also discussed the pros & cons of those percussion massage guns. So, read on for more information!


Best Percussion Massage Guns 2020- Best Sellers

Best Percussion Massage Guns UK Reviews 2020

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What Massage Guns Should You Buy for Your Workouts?

  1. Bodybay Personal Percussion Massage GunThe Elite Percussion Massage Gun

best percussion massage guns UK

This product comes in a protective carrying case for portability reasons. Inside the case, you will find the massage gun, 6 massage head attachments, a 24V charger, and a user manual among a few other items.

The 2,700mAh Lithium-ion battery provides enough energy for a 6-hour massaging operation. Also, this unit features a 24V brushless motor that isn’t only quiet and durable but also powerful. This motor is 40% quieter than ordinary motors, thanks to the WhisperGlide technology.

The LCD screen makes selecting a massage intensity from the 20 speeds hassle-free. The sturdy body and excellent heat dissipation make this massage gun one of the most durable models. If you need a unit with a non-slip and ergonomic handle, this is the massage gun to opt for.

  • The motor is durable and 40% quieter.
  • It features 20 massage intensity speeds.
  • The user manual is detailed for simpler usage.
  • The LCD screen displays the speed of operation.
  • The battery runs for long on a single charge!
  • It comes in a limited color option.


  1. ABOX Muscle Massage GunThe Deep Tissue Percussion Massager.

best percussion massage guns UK

This massage gun also comes with a carrying case for portability and security reasons. In the case, you will find the gun, 4 massage heads, and a charger. The removable 2500mAh Lithium-ion battery can power the unit for 6 hours non-stop.

The brushless motor produces only 50dB of sound, making this unit a quiet one. The motor is also durable and powerful, producing 12mm massaging amplitude for excellent pain-relieving pulses. This percussion gun features a simplistic LCD screen that shows the battery level and massaging speed.

With this screen, you can easily select a given massage speed from the 20 massage intensities. The handle is ergonomic and slip-resistant. This makes sure that you have total control over the massage gun for impeccable results.

This massage gun will provide you deep tissue massage which is one of the most effective types of massage.So,you can go for it!

  • QuietGlide technology makes it super quiet.
  • The 24V high-torque motor produces a 12mm amplitude.
  • The carrying case protects all the components and guarantees portability.
  • The LCD screen shows battery level and massage speed.
  • You get 20 speeds to choose from.
  • The non-slip, ergonomic handle gives you more control.
  • The battery life might be short.


  1. AMeiLe Handheld Percussion MassagerBest Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes

best percussion massage guns UK

So far, only one gun on the list doesn’t come with a carrying case. But this unit comes with a carrying case for portability and security reasons. It is a 2.2lbs percussion gun and is, therefore, very portable. Inside the case, you will find the percussion gun, 4 massage head attachments, and a charger.

This unit boasts an LCD screen that displays the massage intensity that you’ve chosen. The screen also makes it easy to select a specific massaging speed. Simply select the right massaging speed from the 20 intensity levels.

The 2500mAh Lithium-ion battery provides enough energy to the low-noise brushless motor. The result is a powerful and prolonged massaging experience. Besides, this unit has an LED battery indicator that shows you when to charge the battery.



  • The handle is anti-slip and ergonomic.
  • The high-capacity battery runs for 5 hours per charge.
  • The motor is durable, powerful, and quiet.
  • The carrying case makes it portable.
  • You get 4 massage heads and 20 speeds.
  • It might be a bit expensive for some customers.


  1. Bozaap Handheld Electric Massager GunThe Portable Massage Gunbest percussion massage guns UK

This massage gun comes in a carrying case, making it a highly portable unit. As such, you can transport it to your preferred destination. In the case, you will find the percussion gun and four interchangeable head attachments. These head attachments make sure that you can massage different body parts such as the neck, chest, thighs, and back, just to mention a few body parts.

The gun is very durable since its shell comprises a Nylon plastic material. As such, its anti-drop shell can withstand drops from 2m heights. It features a powerful 2500mAh Lithium-ion battery that provides 6 hours of performance.

Its brushless motor isn’t only quiet but produces high torque as well. As a result, you get speeds of up to 3,200 percussions per minute (3,200 RPM). But you can always regulate the speed with the 30-speed level adjustment feature.

  • You get 30 intensity speeds.
  • It produces low noise.
  • The carrying case guarantees portability.
  • The shell is very durable.
  • The four attachments massage different body parts.
  • It comes in a limited color option.
  • The battery life might be short.


  1. Oyria Handheld Personal Muscle Massage GunThe Hypervolt Massager

best percussion massage guns UK

This percussion gun doesn’t come with a portable carrying case. It comes with 4 interchangeable head attachments. This means that you can massage multiple body parts. It has a powerful 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 3 hours of operation time!

The battery powers the new generation brushless motor for percussion speeds peaking at 3,600 RPMs. This motor isn’t just powerful but quiet as well (50dB of noise). With this percussion gun, you not only get 12mm amplitude massaging but also get 6 massage speeds to choose from. Its body build is strong. If you combine the build quality with the excellent heat dissipation, you get a highly durable percussion gun for your workout routines.

  • You get 6 intensity speeds to choose from.
  • The 4 head attachments mean you can massage more parts.
  • The 12mm massaging amplitude ensures excellent pulses.
  • Excellent heat dissipation and quality shell make it durable.
  • It has no carrying case.
  • It has no LED screen.


Final Verdict About Best Percussion Massage Gun UK

A massage gun is a must-have tool for gym-goers and workout enthusiasts. You can also buy one for your daily massaging needs by knowing the fact how beneficial massages for us. They provide physical therapy-level massages at the comfort of your home. For your more comfort, you can also set up a massage room in your house with massage chair, massage table at a reasonable price. This will be very beneficial in reducing muscle stress, pain, and soreness.

This list has featured some incredible massage guns UK in 2020. You only need to seek a high-quality percussion gun so you can take your daily workouts to the next level. We hope that you’ve learned something valuable from this post. You now need to take action and arm yourself with the best massaging gun.



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