15 Best Massage Gun Reviews for Athletes And Common People 2022

How many times do you find yourself tired after a daily task without knowing how to have more energy? Or maybe it happens to you that muscle and joint pain make your day-to-day something more difficult to cope with. In this guide, you will find the most appropriate solution since you can find one of the best massage gun reviews.

One of the best destinations for investments is ourselves. This is because our ability to do things, such as various activities, employment, or physical training, is decreasing if we carry some discomfort. Especially if that discomfort is every day.

Having one or several sessions of massages a day is something effective to give the best of ourselves in all aspects of our life. Massage guns are an excellent option that will give you two important benefit groups.

First of all, they allow you to relax after a long day at work or after a training routine. This will make you feel better, and others will notice the difference. Secondly, these massage guns give you many benefits to your health.

You will improve your blood circulation, your anterior pressure, and eliminate damage to your muscles. Check out the following articles to find the best massage gun. 

You may also look for other massage accessories like massage chair, massage table or you may want to know about different massage types and benefits of masssage. Please read our relevant posts.

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Best Massage Guns-Overall Best Sellers

Best Massage Gun Reviews in 2021- Our Top 10

  1. Opove Massage Gun Reviews-Best Budget Massage Gun

The Opove massage gun proposes an innovative design together with the technology appropriate to your needs. Relieve muscle pain even in deep tissues.

Use this product for both muscles and joints. This massage gun can reduce the time it takes for the body to recover from high-impact activities.

At the same time, it relieves pain, whether moderate or intense. Its drip housing prevents breakage due to falls. It is made of resistant nylon 66 and fiberglass. Endures falls of a height of 6.6 ft (2 m.)

Its technology combines a powerful 3200 rpm engine with silent operation. Through 3 speeds you will feel only between 35 to 55 dB. It features 24V brushless high torque motor technology and quiet sliding.

Its weight of 2.5 pounds makes this product an excellent option to add it to your trips, vacations or simply in your day to day. Also, its battery provides three hours of operation in a row with a single charge.


  • High impact silent engine.
  • Heavy-duty drip housing.
  • Rechargeable battery included


  • Limited color gamut
  1. Darkiron Percussion Massager Reviews- Best Massage Gun For The Price

It is the turn of the Darkiron Percussion Massager Handheld Brushless. This is a multifunctional massage gun. It manages to offer a power of 3300 percussions per minute and up to 50 dB of work. It can relieve muscle pain and decrease stiffness.

Also, increase your blood pressure and improve the condition of all the soft muscles in your body. Avoid fasciitis, which is a very painful and complicated inflammation to cure.

In its new version, the Darkiron massager offers you a high-quality motor, one of the most efficient on the market. It is strong enough to prevent breakage due to falls and malfunction due to overheating caused by movement.

It has 6 replaceable and interchangeable massage heads. Besides you can choose between 30 adjustable speeds and 1 carrying case. Choose the amount of percussion per minute, between 400 to 3300.

Its weight is only 2.2 pounds which are lightweight and easy to use the product. Its ergonomic grip reduces external vibrations and its silicone handle prevents slipping. Enjoy each massage.


  • Resistant technology
  • 20 different speeds
  • 6 hours of charge duration


  • Grip a little big
  1. WuBeFine Professional Handheld Massager Reviews- Best Massager for Muscle Soreness and Stiffness

One more option worth noting for the mix of its qualities and advantages. Another excellent option if you are looking to relieve different types of pain, both muscle, and joint.

It has a powerful 24V brushless motor that will give you the power needed for the uses you need. Use your 6 different speeds to adapt the massage according to the activities you do daily.

Whether you work in the office or do hard training routines, this professional massage gun will leave you more than satisfied.

This great product comes with 5 massage heads to adapt to different areas or muscle groups. For those musculoskeletal parts that are hard, as for white tissue areas.

Each massage head is used for a specific purpose or zone. Also, its weight of 2.5 pounds, as well as its compact and ergonomic size make this product easy to handle.

Eliminate the accumulated stress of the day, release those accumulated tensions or make an unforgettable gift for a loved one with this product.


  • LCD touch screen
  • 6-speed levels
  • Carrying bag


  • Somewhat limited battery capacity
  1. WAPIKE Handheld Percussion Massage Gun Reviews- Best Sports Drill Massager

A good option when restoring the body more quickly, relieve different muscle aches after physical exercise, relieve lactic acid and promote blood flow. Or if you prefer you can use this product to preheat your muscles before starting an exercise routine.

This massage gun offers you a brushless motor capacity of 3200 rpm. It has several speeds for the comfort of application, with 30 different levels of work and 6 massage heads.

This gives you the possibility to change the massage head and choose the appropriate speed for greater accuracy according to each part of the body.

It weighs 2.2 pounds, and together with its comfortable and non-slip grip make this massage gun a very easy and simple use product. It has an LED display for a better user interface.

From this touch screen, you can turn on and off, see the chosen speed level, increase and decrease the speed, and observe the battery level at all times. Besides, its lithium battery provides a working capacity of 6.5 hours. 


  • Touch screen
  • 30-speed levels
  • 5 hours of battery 


  • Awkward size 
  1. Gocheer Massaging Adjustable Professional Percussion Reviews- A Good Deep Tissue Massager

Another of the best options is the Gocheer massage gun. If you have stiff muscles or muscle aches just apply the proper vibration speed over the area.

Relieve muscle aches and tension in compromised tissues. Free yourself from annoying lactic acid and stimulate your blood circulation.

Its 20 adjustable speeds give you the most appropriate use. It is useful to then perform a physical exercise as well as for a daily body massage.

It supports between 1200 and 3180 percussions per minute. Its lithium battery provides a range of 5 to 8 hours of use.

It has the technology to reduce noise during use. Only up to 60 dB is produced providing a use that is not noisy. It weighs 2.2 pounds and has a design that provides easy handling of the product. It also has an automatic timing function.

This allows for avoiding excessive massage time and damage to muscles and bones. This smart protection automatically stops the operation after 15 minutes of work.


  • 20 massage speeds
  • Easy and silent handling
  • LCD touch screen


  • Black color only
  1. Mascarry Percussion Massager Comfortable Reviews- A Good Percussion Massage Gun

This gun is another of the best options that can be found for sale today. The Mascarry massage gun offers massage sessions producing no more than 50 dB and up to 3300 percussions per minute. It helps relieve pain and muscle stiffness.

It also favors blood pressure and improves soft tissue health in general. Its 20 speeds will provide you with very relaxing massage sessions while reducing bone damage. It also helps release tension and stress every day.

Quickly relieve shoulder, back, bruises and forget the stiff neck.

It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A great capacity to use giving 4 or 5 hours of use of massages in a single load.

Together with your professional charger included in the package, they ensure long service life. It has 6 different heads to choose the most suitable according to the damaged area.

Use your touch screen to select one of the different speeds, to turn it on and off, see the speed you have chosen or find out about the battery power level.


  • 3300 rpm and up to 50 dB
  • 20 different speeds
  • touch screen


  • Insufficient battery use
  1. Awesafe Portable Percussion Massage Gun Reviews-Best Massage Gun Under 150$

The Awesafe massage gun is an excellent choice for the most demanding. Relieve muscle pain and relax the desired areas with 3200 percussions per minute.

It is also useful for preheating the muscles. Accelerate muscle recovery, help blood circulation, improve your vitality, your overall health, and well-being. It has a high torque brushless motor. It also has 4-speed settings and 5 replaceable massage heads.

You can choose between 1800 to 3200 percussions per minute.

Its rechargeable battery gives you a working time of 4 hours with a single charge of your high-quality lithium battery. You can check the necessary information from your LED display.

See the speed of massage, set the time, increase and decrease the speed, check the battery level, all through the interface and the easy-to-use keypad for any user. It weighs 2.5 pounds and a design that allows very easy handling of the product.


  • Wide engine capacity
  • Interchangeable heads included
  • Led screen


  • Few speed levels
  1. HiGoing Massager Reviews

If you are not convinced until now, check out this product. This is the powerful HiGoing Massager massage gun. One of the most chosen among athletes and people who perform fitness. It provides a scientific vibration and frequency that goes between 20 to 58 Hz.

It can relieve pain, tension and muscle knots. Easily get rid of all the stress of the week or day with a massage session. Or if you prefer, use it to improve your blood circulation and achieve good and improved health.

If you do several activities on the same day, if you leave work and go directly to the gym or to perform your training routine, then leave your home with your massage gun. It has a compact size, in addition to coming with a practical bag included having a massage session anywhere.

Your lithium-ion battery will give you 3 to 7 hours of operating time on a single charge. You also have a battery LED indicator. Its 20-speed levels will help you find the most appropriate type of massage according to your needs.

Choose one of its 4 available heads that are included for a more suitable massage.


  • LED battery indicator
  • 20-speed levels
  • Transport bag included


  • Estimated battery usage time too long
  1. RENPHO Massager Reviews-Best Massager for Back Neck Shoulder Soreness Stiffness Knots

Investing in health never hurts. Especially when you have the opportunity to get one of the best options in massage guns as is the case.

With this gun, you can also release muscle tension, stiffness, and pain. You will not need the same intensity in the massage depending on whether you return from a hard day at work or when you finish a physical exercise routine.

Use its 20 adjustable speeds to get the desired massage. The high-tech brushless motor has a power of up to 3200 rpm.

At the time of operation, it only generates up to 63.5 dB during the massage level of greater intensity. Its 4 different heads will give you the best massage for each part of the body. Use ball head for large muscle groups and your bullet head for smaller areas.

Its hammerhead is useful for different parts of the body and the U-head for the spine, neck, shoulders and soft tissues.


  • 20 adjustable speeds
  • 3200 RPM engine capacity
  • 8 hours of battery use


  • It is not used while charging the battery
  1. Voltenick Handheld Percussion Massagers Reviews- Best Affordable Massage Gun

Last but not least, we find this great option if you want to have a good massage session. With just 2.05 pounds, a compact and ergonomic design make this product present a very easy and manageable use for all types of people.

You can even perform massages on your face, so you can have a more relaxed expression. Rejuvenate your sore tissue and damaged muscles. Send a wave of relief and relaxation throughout your body.

It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will give you 4 hours of operating time on a single charge.

Its brushless motor technology makes massage therapy a most pleasant experience. Its 5 adjustable intensity levels allow you to choose the right speed according to the muscle area you want to massage.

It has 6 heads for a more detailed and effective massage according to each part of the muscle and skeleton. Finally, it has a very understandable start guide to know all its uses quickly.


  • The lightweight of 2.05 pounds
  • 6 massage heads included
  • 5-speed levels


  • One of the least silent engines

Best Percussion Massage Gun/Massager for Athletes-Best Sellers

If you usually engage in physical exercise, then you know how chronic muscle pain and stiffness can plague your body. These kinds of pain along with knotted muscles are a deal-breaker since they limit your optimal daily performance.

But you can always keep your muscles in pain-free condition by properly massaging them. While you can use your hands to do so, massage guns will do a better job. They not only relieve muscle and joint soreness but improve blood flow into your body system as well.

Best Massager for Athletes Reviews-Our Picks

1. Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun Reviews- Best Massager for Athletes

This massage gun comes with a protective carrying case. The case also houses other components of the massage gun such as 4 massage heads and a charger. Each component is in its own compartment for safe transit.

The gun is compact-sized and weighs just 4.3 pounds for excellent portability. It has a single button for operating it and selecting the preferred setting. You can seamlessly choose between 5 speeds with a single button.

The Lithium-ion battery’s capacity is 2,400 mAh to give you 6 hours of runtime. That’s enough for full body massage. The 4 massage heads are for massaging different parts of your body. The motor is not only super quiet but powerful and durable as well.

It delivers up to 3,200 rpm for a vigorous but gentle pounding pressure that penetrates the body to deep muscles. The result is deep muscle relaxation for optimal daily performance.


  • An ergonomic handle and a single button make it easy to use.
  • Its battery is powerful and durable.
  • The unit is portable and very quiet.
  • It has a lifetime warranty and built-in live support.
  • It relieves muscle tension and soreness.


  • It might be a bit expensive.

2. Antetek Professional Personal Massage Reviews-Affordable Sports Massager

This professional massage gun by Antetek weighs just 3.4 pounds. It is a very portable massage gun for that matter. Despite its small size, it performs excellently with sufficient power. The brushless motor is super quiet, producing just 50 dB of sound.

Also, the motor produces 3,200 percussions per minute. As such, the unit produces vibrations that penetrate deep into the body to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness. The gun comes with 4 massage heads for massaging various body parts.

The Lithium-ion battery has a 2,500 mAh capacity. It runs for 3-5 hours depending on the massaging speed you’ve selected. Talking of speed, this massage gun gives you up to 20 massaging speed options.

It has an LED touchscreen display for showing and selecting the speed. Also, the display shows the battery level. The unit is backed by a free 3-year warranty.


  • It massages deep muscle groups efficiently.
  • It’s very portable.
  • Has 4 replaceable heads for massage versatility.
  • The high-capacity battery runs for 5 hours.
  • The motor is quiet, durable, and powerful.
  • It gives you 20 massage speed options.


  • It might overheat sometimes.
  • Not available in multiple color options.

3. Sonic LX Professional Percussion Massage Gun Reviews- Best Massage Gun for Chiropractic Therapy

This is yet another professional-level massage gun. It comes in a protective carrying case that secures the gun and the 10 replaceable massage heads. The 10 massage heads effectively relieve muscle stress, soreness, and tension for optimal daily performance. This makes the gun one of the most versatile units on the list.

The battery runs for 4 hours, thanks to its impressive 2,000 mAh capacity. The gun features 9 variable massaging speed for various muscles in the body. The motor is quiet and powerful at the same time, producing just 55 dB of sound.

Simply select the appropriate massaging speed that ranges from 1,800-3,400 RPM using the two buttons on the unit. And the unit has an LED display to show the massage intensity level that you’re in.

Also, the unit has a battery indicator. The unit comes backed by a lifetime warranty and built-in Live customer support.


  • The motor is quiet.
  • The battery runs for a long time.
  • It has 9 massaging speeds to choose from.
  • It is easy to use and handle.
  • It has Live customer support and a lifetime warranty.


  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • Some replaceable heads might not attach firmly on the gun.

4. Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun Reviews- Best Value Massage Gun

The build of this massage gun is phenomenal. The ergonomic handle is comfortable for a perfect grip. This gun comes with 4 massage heads and a charger in a protective travel case. It has 3 massaging speeds to choose from.

Each massaging head is for a specific body part. And the heads have a 16mm travel for delivering high-penetration vibrations that relieve muscle soreness, tension, and stress. The 250W brushless motor is quiet and powerful. It produces just 60 dB, the same noise level of a refrigerator’s humming sound.

Also, the motor generates massaging speeds ranging from 1,800-3,000 RPM. The Lithium-ion battery runs for 7 complete hours, thanks to its enormous charge capacity. The massaging heads adjust through 3 rotating angles for reaching all body parts. Lastly, this unit is equipped with built-in Live customer support and a lifetime warranty.


  • The 250W motor is quiet, durable, and energy-efficient.
  • The battery is powerful since it runs for 7 hours straight.
  • The heads adjust to 3 angles for effective massaging performance.
  • It has a simple button and a switch for easy operation.
  • The ergonomic handle guarantees an excellent grip.
  • Has customer support, a lifetime warranty, and a money-back guarantee.


  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • The 4 attachment heads might not properly massage some body parts.

5. ETSROW Handheld Electric Percussion Massager Gun Reviews

The build and quality of this massage gun are exceptional. First, it has an ergonomic handle for better grip and massaging performance. Second, this unit has an upgraded full LCD touchscreen for selecting the appropriate speed.

The display also shows the chosen massage speed and battery level. You can effortlessly choose between the 20 massage intensity options. As you’d expect from a quality unit, this massager comes in a protective travel case together with a charger and 4 massage applicators or heads.

The Lithium-ion battery has a 2,400 mAh charge capacity and it can go for 5-8 hours depending on usage intensity. The brushless motor is energy-efficient and powerful as well. It uses just 24V and produces only 39 dB of noise.

This unit’s massaging intensity ranges from 1,400-3,200 RPM for excellent muscle and joint soreness alleviation. It doesn’t get hot because of efficient heat dissipation. Your unit is, therefore, bound to last longer than rivaling competitors.


  • The brushless motor is energy-efficient and quiet.
  • It packs massive massaging power of up to 3,200 RPM.
  • The full LCD display is a touchscreen.
  • It dissipates heat efficiently.
  • The high-capacity battery runs for a long time.
  • It effectively relieves muscle and joint soreness.


  • The battery might rapidly lose charge after several months of usage.
  • Customer support might not act promptly.

What to Consider Before Purchase a Message Gun?

The considerations to take into account depend on the activities that you carry out throughout the day or week. It also varies the reason why you choose to buy a massage gun. Some training routines tend to be tougher than others.

At the same time, the training days in a week are usually between 3 to 6. For this, it is recommended to have a massage gun that meets your needs promptly, that is, after training to avoid pain and injury.

If you are a person who performs high impact sports or hard workouts then you should look at the following characteristics:

  • Different speeds
  • Gun size
  • Gun weight
  • Engine power in RPM

On the other hand, if you must have certain health care then you may consider other options. Therefore, you should choose those massage guns that provide more health benefits.

Some benefits, in general, are the improvement of blood pressure, better blood circulation, relief of tension, knots, aches, and muscle injuries.

The priority will be on the advantages through daily use. This is because if you seek to improve your health, then its use is mandatory. For these reasons you should consider the following characteristics:

  • Amount of massage heads
  • Types of use of massage heads
  • Battery usage time
  • DB level during use

Finally, if you wish to give a gift to someone, some of these products also offer an excellent option. A massage is something that someone can hardly refuse. You must ensure that the way you use the massage gun you choose is simple and easy.

Then you should find a massage gun that is easy to use due to its design, its texture, and availability of use. When taking this into account, pay attention to the following features:

  • Carrying bag included
  • LED touch screen
  • Fast battery charging
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable grip

How Do the Massage Guns Work?

When charging the battery for the first time you must do so for at least 6 hours. This guarantees a long service life and avoids the need to change it. Don’t forget that some massage guns cannot be used while your battery is charging.

At the time of performing a massage session simply choose the part of the body that you want to work. Consider the different product speeds according to the intensity you need.

For severe pain or muscle injuries, you should choose a high speed. On the other hand, if the problem is a muscle or soft tissue knot then you will prefer a medium or low speed.

Applying a high speed to a very vulnerable or sensitive area can be harmful. If your product does not have an automatic shut down after a few minutes of the session, then you should pay attention to the time of the elapsed massage.

Apply the massage gun gently and delicately over the area you are interested in improving. Avoid sudden movements, as well as use a lot of force during application.

Avoid using the wrong massage head for a certain area instead of using the correct massage head. Each massage head is for a certain area.

Also, to maximize the benefit of your massage gun, use the different massage heads. These serve to massage different areas of the body, avoiding damage and recovering the area in the shortest possible time.

Finally, use the carrying bag, if included, to take the massage gun with your accessories wherever you want. Don’t forget to check the battery level from your screen or LED.


Is Massage Gun Durable?

Many of these products have a tough coating. This is necessary to avoid breakage due to falls or overheating. It is important to properly use the product.

Avoid using it for anything other than body massages. Avoid leaving it on after using it, this will save battery power and prevent overheating.

Is the Use of this Massage Gun Simple and Easy?

All the options we offer here are easy to use. You will have an instruction manual. This will help you learn about the different speeds.

You will also know how to use massage heads correctly. The use of this product is intended to be used by all types of people, of all ages.

What is the Battery Life of Massage Gun?

The battery life varies according to its capabilities. However, to extend the life of the battery it is advisable to give the first charge of several hours when you receive the product, at least 6 or 7 hours in a row.

Also, avoid using the product when the battery is charging. For better battery use, use the product until the power is depleted. Then load the product for the time necessary to complete the charge.

What Are Massage Heads Used For?

The massage heads are used to provide a more appropriate massage and according to the area you want to work, recover or stimulate.

Each massage head is for a specific area or use. You can find out the details of each massage head in the user manual included in the product.

How Much Noise Does The Massage Guns Generate?

The massage guns presented in this list are silent. Some are quieter than others. However, none of them will be a nuisance at the time of use.

Keep in mind that when talking about 60 dB is generated, and any massage gun on this list is below this number.

Final Words About the Massage Gun Reviews

Without a doubt, any option you choose from this list will be an excellent purchase for all types of uses. Without health, little can be done in life. What better than having the ideal product that provides adequate relaxation at the end of each day?

So do not hesitate to improve your physical and mental well-being with one of the best massage guns. They are at your disposal, you have the opportunity to improve your day-to-day, and thereby improve your life.

It can also improve the life of another person if you choose one of these ten products as a gift. Being a product for all types of people, men, and women of all ages, it is the perfect gift. Besides being an original gift, it is also very useful for the whole family. They will greatly appreciate it.

Physical well-being is priceless, let alone if it is your health. Do not wait to have muscle aches, tension in your muscles, knots, injuries, and others to act. Nor is it necessary to pay for expensive massage sessions once or several times a week.

A single purchase will avoid all these discomforts, both physical and monetary. The change in your life is purchased away.

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