Best Massage Chair Recliner Under 500 US, UK, Canada

If you are looking for the best massage chair at an economic range like under $500, then read this post till the end. It will be very helpful for you to buy the best massage chair in your range of prices. Reviews are waiting for you!best massage chair

10 Best Massage Chair in 2020- Best Sellers

Best Massage Chair Recliner Under 500

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Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat For Elderly

If you have very low budget, you still can purchase one. This may be the massage chair under 500.  At the price it is available, this Mcombo massage recliners with heat is a gift. One of the best things about it is that it has 8 vibrating nodes.

This is great for an overall soothing feeling. In addition to that, you got 9 massaging modes program which is available in 5 intensities. The motors of this massage chair are also TUV certified. This means you are a great product. The motors once activated can easily push the chair in the position you prefer.

Another great thing is the timer. The latter comes in 10, 20 and 30 minutes – set at your preference. In terms of comfort, the faux leather has a pretty good feel to it. It also adds in terms of aesthetics. Cleaning the chair is easy.

A dry or damp cloth is all you need for cleaning. Another useful feature is the USB outlet which you can use to keep your devices charged. In addition to that, the two cup holders will help a lot when watching your favorite show.


  • TUV certified
  • Easy to clean
  • Great aesthetics
  • USB outlets


  • Not Assembled  


MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner Heated Chair with 2 Controls Wheels

The magic union massage recliners with heat are one of the most comfortable chairs around. The thing is that it got everything just enough. It is not under or overstuffed. The reclining is pretty good and it offers a pretty good massaging experience.

In addition to that headrest is also comfy enough to get a good nap. The motors aren’t noisy but not the quietest either. No recline preset is present. You have to experiment a bit. This allows you to get the best angle. The wooden frame also allows it to withstand heavyweight.

The massage chair also has a lifting feature. It runs pretty smoothly since the motor is separate from the recline motor. Although it is comfortable, the upholstery isn’t that great. The leather is not genuine, meaning it won’t last long either.

It’s neither the best nor the worst. Overall, it does the job. It does have a heat function though as well as several massage modes. There are two remotes. One for reclining, one of lifting. You can consider this as the best massage chair cheap on the market.


  • Comfortable
  • Not noisy
  • Remote controlled


  • Not genuine leather 


Homegear Microfiber Power Lift Electric Recliner Chair with Massage

It might be the best massage chair for the money it offers. This recliner massage chair is pretty stylish. It has advanced heating and massage functionality. The cushion is pretty cool to the touch. As such, the comfort it provides is pretty good. It is one of those chairs where you could sit for hours without really feeling it.

The massage function is pretty good since it helps you relax. The model’s interior has carbon fiber heating. This element allows for consistent heat delivery throughout the chair.

One of its best features is the sonic massage. Another great thing is the motor. It is very quiet and will not disturb your day nap or even movie watching. It works pretty well and will provide a great and quiet massage that will send you into relaxation.

Overall, it does have a good design. There are storage pockets on either side. This is great for environmentally conscious people. For the price it is, this recliner does well in terms of features. You’ll find that it does not lack in terms of accessories and options.


  • Carbon fiber heating
  • Gel-filled cushion
  • Advanced heating
  • Quiet Motor
  • Well placed storage pockets


  • Requires Assembly


5 Best Massage Chair UK Under 500

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