Best Massage Chair Recliner Under 2000 US,UK,Canada

Massage chair is essential for a perfect massage. But the budget is a big factor. So we have prioritized your budget & listed the best massage chair recliner under 2000 for the US, UK, Canada. Reviews are waiting for you below here!

Best Massage Chair

5 Best Massage Chair in 2020- Best Sellers

5 Best Massage Chair UK Under 2000

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Best Massage Chair Recliner Under 2000 US,UK,Canada

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

The LM6800 is another one of the kahuna massage chairs. This one has a hybrid design which allows it to thoroughly massage the feet, glutes, back and other parts. Even though is under $2000, it has a surprisingly a large variety of massage techniques and programs.

The LM6800 kahuna full-body scan can locate pressure points throughout the body. This allows for a thorough massage. Pressure point scanning can be automatic or manually done. This is great since all users body is not of equal size.

This recliner massage chair is one of the best massage chairs under 2000 $. If you suffer from back pain (chronic), it provides deep relaxation. Since it provides area massage, you can focus the pressure on specific points. This is sure to provide pain relief.

If you want to benefit from deep tissue massage which one of the most popular types of massage, then there is the zero-gravity feature. All these options are sure to promote wellness and quality of sleep. You can also heat selected back areas of the body with this special heating options.


  • Full body scan
  • Variety of massages
  • Heated back areas
  • Adjustable speed and intensity 


  • Like several of Kahuna’s massage chair, this one has little to no negative points.

Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity

This zero gravity recliner chair is one of the best in its price range. Even if you have a budget for the best massage chair under 1500, you can consider this one. With the 3D scan system, it is intelligent enough to provide long relaxing massage sessions.

The chair as an S-Frame track. This takes the shape of the spine which allows for efficient massage therapy. In addition to that. The ideal Shiatsu chair has heat therapy which is best for relaxation, especially if you live in cold climates. The system does the operation quietly, meaning it won’t disturb your nap while using it.

It also comes with four massage functions. There are shiatsu, spinal roll massage, kneading, and vibrating massage. This massage recliners with heat have another interesting feature. The zero-gravity position is what is best nowadays. It is easy to use and set up.

In addition to that, it has several benefits for the user. The latter improves heart health and can even reduce snoring. Sleeping or even resting in the chair may stimulate a higher level of relaxation. It also reduces chronic pain in a healthy way.

Overall, it is probably one of the best for the price.


  • Easy zero gravity set up
  • Operates quietly
  • Heat therapy


  • Arm compartment, not an easy fit 

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner with Rocking Function

The Real relax back massage chair is one of their newest chairs. It is pretty good and has an S-Track for your spin. The S-Track features several rollers for optimal back massage. The only issue is that the latter doesn’t go down all the way to your glutes.

Nonetheless, it does offer a pretty good massage. The best features of this chair are the 3D bot hands. They have a life-like feeling to them which complements the ergonomic design. As such, they provide a relaxing massage – which offers twelve options.

There are various techniques that come along with its 6 modes. If you have a compressed disk, then the Thai Stretch technique will relieve you of some of the pain. For your feet, there is the scraping massage. One of the most used features is the rocking massage.

This helps relieve pressure from the spinal cord which in turn allows for greater relaxation. In addition to that, the chair is also one of the best massage chair zero gravity. It also comes with Bluetooth for audio. This allows for greater relaxation when getting a massage session. One of the cons of this chair is the height limit of 6’1”. Otherwise, it is one of the best power recliners on the list.


  • S-Track rollers
  • 6 modes
  • 12 options


  • Height Limit
  • Rollers don’t go all the way down 


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