10 Best Galvanic Facial Machine Reviews 2022 (Professional & At Home)

Taking care of skin is a necessity, and that is why people opt for various types of facial treatments. Among different types of facial treatments, the galvanic facial treatment stands as one of the best facial treatments.

Galvanic facial machine treatments have shown extraordinary results and that is why these treatments have become very famous facial treatments. What’s one of the best things about galvanic facial machine treatment is that it can be applied to various types of skins and conditions.

Now question is, are you looking to buy a galvanic facial machine so that you can have a galvanic facial treatment?

Before buying, are you concerned about the effectiveness of galvanic machines? Worry not as in this article, we won’t only review the top 10 best galvanic machines, but also enlighten you with different things associated with galvanic facial treatments. 

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What are galvanic facial machines?

The machines that are used to perform galvanic facials are called galvanic facial machines. There are various types of galvanic facial machines in the market. Galvanic machines utilize the property of galvanism for rebuilding the face. A galvanic machine involves the use of current, and that is why it can also be called a galvanic current machine.

Gentle galvanic currents passed to your face by galvanic machines refresh and energize the skin. Galvanic facial machine treatments combined with a gentle massage helps in focusing cellular energy and enhancing blood circulation. Positive and negative galvanic currents, when applied carefully, revive the skin.

The positive galvanic current helps in removing toxins and impurities and the negative galvanic current helps by encouraging the transport of beneficial nutrients to provide re-energized results. 

Best Galvanic Facial Machines

Our Best Galvanic Facial Machine Reviews

Following are the top 10 galvanic facial machine reviews:

1. Nu Skin AgeLOC Galvanic Spa Package Review- Our Best Professional Galvanic Facial Machine

Galvanic Spa facial machines help in giving you visibly younger-looking skin. This machine makes the skin elastic, firm, and moisturized. Aside from the face, you can also use this machine on other parts of the body, such as arms and hair.

Galvanic Spa uses a galvanic current that makes sure the active components of skincare products go so deep in the skin that they reach the epidermis. The use of technology enables skincare products to reach the epidermis layer; improving elasticity and giving you a fresh look.

One of the best things about Galvanic Spa is that the current which it needs to send will depend upon the thickness of your skin. This means when Galvanic Spa comes in contact with your skin, a galvanic current that needs to pass will be automatically calculated. You don’t have to manually adjust the current.

Galvanic Spa can help in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, scars, and imperfections. It also helps in nourishing hair.


  • Adapts its current to the thickness of the skin
  • Prevents early signs of aging
  • Instant glow
  • Long-lasting effect


  • Expensive


2. LYFT 2.0 By Nurysh Lifting & Firming Device Review

With the LYFT device, you can get professional results at home. In the whole market, this LYFT is the only device that comes with a face-lifting option, which means it will effectively tighten your face.

The machine features galvanic technology that pulls out dirt and other debris from the pores. The ion functioning improves the effectiveness of your skincare product by pushing its active ingredients deep into your skin.

To improve skin texture & tone, reduce fine lines & wrinkles and tighten the skin, BioWave technology helps by penetrating waves deep into your skin.

LYFT machine is suited for all types of skin. Having seven technologies, LYFT addresses various types of skin issues, such as acne, sagging, etc.


  • Three lights (red, blue and green) to fix different types of skin problems
  • One of the best machines for sun-damaged skin
  • BioWave technology helps against many skin problems


  • Some users said that its charging doesn’t last long.


3. None High Frequency Galvanic Beauty Instrument Review  

Just like the previous machine we reviewed, this galvanic machine also pulls out dirt from pores quite effectively. The best ability of this galvanic machine is removing blackheads. Of all the galvanic machines out there in the market, this machine easily stands out as one of the best when it comes to removing blackheads.

Apart from pulling out dirt from pores and removing blackheads, this galvanic machine also helps you in getting rid of various other skin problems, such as signs of aging. Another huge benefit that this device offers is that it reduces the skincare routine duration by 50%.

The high-frequency facial treatment offered by this galvanic machine quickly restores your skin’s health. This galvanic machine is highly recommended to those who run beauty salons. Before buying, do consult a doctor if a high-frequency galvanic machine is right for you.


  • One of the best high-frequency galvanic machines for removing blackheads
  • Reduces skincare routine duration by 50%
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes in four colors


  • Works well against acne, but it is not the best high-frequency machine for acne problems


4. LCL Portable High Frequency Facial Machine Review

LCL high-frequency machine helps in shrinking enlarged pores, preventing acne, reducing wrinkles & fine lines, nourishing hair follicles, and fade dark eye circles.

The high-frequency current of this multifunctional machine has various benefits, such as increasing collagen, improving blood circulation, and exfoliating dead skin cells. Just like the None High-Frequency Galvanic Beauty Instrument, the high-frequency facial treatment offered by this galvanic machine quickly restores your skin’s health. This galvanic machine comes with easy to carry and stylish locking case.

The negative about this galvanic machine is that its suction is not as strong as it should have been, considering it’s not that low in price.


  • Four beauty functions, including high frequency, galvanic, spray diffuser and vacuum extractor
  • One of the best high-frequency galvanic machines for improving blood circulation and exfoliating dead skin cells
  • Easy to carry and stylish locking case
  • Long-lasting effect


  • Suction is not strong enough


5. XYZ Beauty Portable Multifunction High Frequency Galvanic Machine Review

At number five, we have another very promising high-frequency galvanic machine. All top-class high-frequency galvanic machines work in the same and have pretty similar features. If you want to know how impressive this high-frequency galvanic machine is, then you can read the reviews of previous high-frequency machines and the one which we will review after this.

However, there are always a few differences between each of the high-frequency galvanic machines. It could be a cost difference, or maybe one high-frequency galvanic machine may offer more features than the other one. One high-frequency machine may work best against acne while the other one against blackheads or something else.

Compared to other high-frequency galvanic machines that we reviewed, this machine treats acne problems far better. Apart from acne, this high-frequency multifunction galvanic machine beautifully improves the skin complexion, making you glow like you only imagined.


  • Four beauty functions, including high frequency, galvanic, spray diffuser and vacuum
  • Probably the best high-frequency galvanic machine for treating acne problems and improving the skin complexion.
  • Easy to carry and stylish locking case
  • Long-lasting effect


  • Doesn’t have any cons. If you are low on budget, then the price of this machine can be a con for you, considering other less expensive high-frequency galvanic machines that we reviewed are not that much different from it.


6. DIFU 5 in 1 High Frequency Galvanic Facial Machine Review- Best Galvanic machine for wrinkles

While the previous high-frequency galvanic machines that we reviewed have four beauty functions, this machine has five. The five functions include high-frequency TV, brush, electroplating lead and electronic, spray and vacuum. Note- having five beauty functions doesn’t necessarily mean that this galvanic machine is superior to previous ones. The best ability of this high-frequency galvanic machine is reducing wrinkles.

The high-speed vibration current of high-frequency electrotherapy instrument improves blood circulation and metabolism, removes waste and excess water from the body, stimulates gland activity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Five beauty functions, including high-frequency TV, brush, electroplating lead and electronic, spray and vacuum
  • One of the best high-frequency galvanic machines for reducing wrinkles


  • Vacuum & spray isn’t as effective as vacuum & spray of other high-frequency galvanic machines


7. Lift Care Rejuven LED Light Facial Toning Device Review

Rejuven galvanic facial machine combines proven technologies to stimulate dermal activity and tighten collagen fibers while increasing blood circulation. Your skin becomes smoother with an impressive reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

Galvanic ions bring back the shine and glow by deeply cleansing the impurities from the skin. Just like LYFT 2.0 By Nurysh Lifting & Firming Device,  Rejuven has three lights (red, blue, and green) to fix different types of skin problems. Red increases blood circulation and collagen, blue reduces acne, and green reduces scars and dark spots. One of the best things about the Rejuven galvanic machine is that its five beauty functions can be turned on simultaneously.


  • Five beauty functions with the privilege of turning on all of them simultaneously
  • Three lights (red, blue and green) to fix different types of skin problems
  • Very low in price


  • The battery of this galvanic machine doesn’t last longer
  • It may not show promising results after using it just twice or thrice. You have to continue using it for the best results.


8. Project E Beauty Galvanic Rejuvenation Device Review

Buying Project E Beauty Galvanic machine means you will get two massager heads (galvanic head ad bipolar head) for treating different areas. Galvanic head treats broad areas such as the face and neck, while bipolar head targets small areas such as the area under the eyes.

This galvanic machine helps in softening sebums, cleaning pores thoroughly, and breaking down melanin and blackheads. Additionally, just like some of the previous galvanic machines that we reviewed, the ion functioning of this machine improves the effectiveness of your skincare product by pushing its active ingredients deep into your skin.

Project E Beauty galvanic machine is suited for all types of skins, and constant use will give you youthful and rejuvenated skin.


  • Two massager heads
  • Very low in price
  • One of the best galvanic machines for fighting against wrinkles


  • Some people said that this machine shocked their fingers


9. Zinnor Galvanic Anti-Aging Facial Machine Review

If you have dry skin, then Zinnor galvanic anti-aging facial machine is what you need. This galvanic machine makes your skin smooth and lustrous by efficiently transmitting active nutrients deep into the skin. Electron flow pulls out dirt and impurities from pores by flowing deep into the stratum of skin.

Galvanic facial machine induction treatment ensures that the nutrients of the skincare product reach the lower derma of our skin and provide the source for cell generation. Besides this, it reduces fine lines & wrinkles and lifts the face. One of the best things about this galvanic facial machine is that its instructions are very easy to understand. It’s like you will see the instruction once and won’t need to see it again.


  • One of the best galvanic machines for dry skin
  • Promising galvanic facial machine induction treatment
  • Very low in price


  • Not the best galvanic machine for acne problems


10. Yofuly Portable Galvanic Face Lift Massager Device Review

This galvanic machine gives you a very clear complexion by eliminating wrinkles & fine lines, pimples, and dead skin cells. The ion functioning helps by eliminating debris and impurities from pores, and also it improves the effectiveness of your skincare product by pushing its active ingredients deep inside the skin.

The Roller Probe takes care of the face and neck areas treatments while the Ball Probe targets areas around the eyes and nose, making your face fresh and clear. Use this wireless galvanic facial device for about 15-20 minutes each day and expect the best results within 3-5 weeks.

Since this is a portable wireless galvanic machine, it can beautifully serve gift purposes.


  • Roller Probe and Ball Probe (2 in 1) treat various skin problems
  • Very easy to use
  • Can serve gift purposes


  • Not the best machine for professional use


What are galvanic facial machine benefits?

The galvanic facial machine treatments’ benefits are something that you can only imagine. A galvanic facial machine aims to change your dull skin into a clearer and more youthful-looking. That said, let’s discuss key benefits of galvanic facial machines:

  • Makes the skin glow

If we talk about the main sign of aging, dullness is one of them. A galvanic facial machine helps you in overcoming dullness by removing impurities from the skin and increasing the volume of oxygen in it. The outcome is a glowing skin

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

As you age and get exposed to sun and dust, fine lines and wrinkles start appearing on your face.

A galvanic facial machine treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenates and tightens your skin. A galvanic facial machine can also prevent premature signs of aging.

  • Detoxifies your skin

Compared to conventional facials, galvanic machine facials offer much more. The electric currents stimulate your skin, improving the natural ability of the skin to cleanse itself from harmful toxins. Additionally, galvanic facial machine treatments make your face healthier and brighter by drawing out toxins from deep within your skin.

  • Super smooth skin

A galvanic machine facial, by easing the facial muscles, helps you in achieving super smooth skin. You will start wondering that your skin is like a baby.

  • Helps in regaining elasticity

When you are stressed and don’t care about your skin, your skin will lose elasticity. A galvanic current passed by a galvanic facial machine during the treatment helps in regaining elasticity, making your skin tighter.

  • Prevents acne

The galvanic facial machine treatment cleans the skin pores by pulling out debris and impurities from them. This reduces acne.

  • Fairer complexion

Galvanic facial machine treatments help you in achieving a fair complexion that you may not have achieved before by eliminating unwanted fat from your facial tissues and reviving dead tissues.

  • Moisturizes your skin

Thinking why your expensive moisturizing face cream is not showing satisfying results? The reason is that your moisturizing cream is not penetrating layers of your skin. Furthermore, your skin condition may not be good enough to retain moisture. This is where the galvanic facial machine comes to the rescue.

A galvanic facial machine treatment helps in this matter by eliminating dead skin cells and encouraging cell regeneration. This reinvigorates your skin improving its moisture retention. 

  • Improves effectiveness of your skincare product

You may not know this, but your skincare product gives the best results when it is deep inside your skin. The ion functioning of the galvanic machine improves the effectiveness of your skincare product by pushing its active ingredients deep into your skin.

  • Increases oxygen supply to your face

A galvanic facial machine treatment stimulates blood flow, and this leads to the increase of oxygen supply to your face. Oxygen helps by giving your face a fresher and tighter look.

What are galvanic facial device side effects?

To this day, no research states that galvanic facial device treatments have side effects. However, one study does tell that some people experienced an unpleasant feeling and mild pain from the effect of electrical stimulation on their skins.

All of this depends upon the client’s body. If you are sensitive even to mild stimuli, you may experience some type of unpleasant feeling from the galvanic currents and if you have good or impressive tolerance to pain, you won’t experience anything bad.

If you have metal braces and crowns in your mouth, you may end up experiencing a metallic taste during the galvanic facial machine treatment. You may even experience a galvanic shock, which in turn, leads to a mild headache. Anyhow, by following a few precautions, you can go for galvanic facial machine treatment with metal inside your mouth.

How to use a galvanic facial machine?

Going to some spa or salon for a galvanic machine facial can be time-consuming and expensive. What you should do is buy one of the ten best galvanic machines that we reviewed. After buying, the question is: How to use it? Is there anything that needs to be done before touching the galvanic machine on your skin? Here are answers:

  • First of all, use a cleanser for washing the face. After washing, gently dry your face
  • Apply good quality lotion or gel evenly not only on your face but your neck too. Galvanic facial machine therapy won’t be very effective if you don’t apply the skincare product only to the face
  • Now it’s time to use the galvanic machine. Different companies’ galvanic machines operate differently. Some galvanic machines have a timer selection option, and some don’t. If the galvanic machine you bought has a timer selection option, then read the instructions to know how much time you need to set on the machine for therapy. Generally, it’s two minutes.
  • Now, start the treatment by bringing your galvanic machine to your face. Gently massage your face and neck with the galvanic facial machine. Don’t press the galvanic machine too hard. During the treatment, if your skincare product dries out, apply water on your skin with your other hand to make the process smooth.
  • Continue massaging your face and neck until you hear the beeper sound. The beeper sound will indicate that the time you set for treatment has been completed
  • Now, use a damp towel for wiping the face and neck.

Now since you know how to use a galvanic machine, you should also know that galvanic facial machine treatment is divided into two phases:


This galvanic facial machine treatment is aimed to eliminate impurities from the pores of the skin and remove excess grease from oily areas. In this treatment, the skin area that needs to be treated is covered with a negatively charged pre-treatment gel. Afterward, galvanic current is passed to your skin by smoothly moving a negatively charged galvanic machine over the skin.

This duo of electric current and alkaline solution pushes the negative charges of the gel deep into the inner layers of the skin. Desincrustation is a great way of softening the skin.


This galvanic facial machine treatment aims to nourish the skin intensively by employing an electrochemical process. In this treatment, positively charged water-soluble gel is pushed into the epidermal layers of the skin by placing a negative electrode near the shoulder. Afterward, whatever the skincare product that you will use, its efficiency will increase.

The tightening effect of iontophoresis not only makes the skin flawless but also calms the endings of nerves.

Frequently Asked Question Regarding Galvanic Facial Machines

1. While doing galvanic machine therapy, what precautionary measures do you need to follow?

While performing a galvanic facial machine treatment at home, the following things should be in your mind:
-Don’t use a galvanic machine over your eyes
-While moving the galvanic machine, don’t pull your skin
-The current flow of the galvanic machine should be consistent throughout the process

2. Is microcurrent the same as galvanic?

The objective of both of these treatments is to boost the collagen and elastin layer of the skin, however, they both use different currents.
Microcurrent facial treatment makes the use of alternating current whereas, galvanic facial machine treatment involves the chemical reaction of current and solutions.

3. Is NuFace microcurrent or galvanic?

NuFace is a microcurrent facial toning device. NuFace helps in improving the appearance of the face by using microcurrent technology. On top of the skin’s surface, these galvanic ions act as a magnet and slowly push the skincare product sitting on the surface of the skin into the deepest layers of skin; consequently, increasing the effectiveness of the skincare product.

4. Does a galvanic facial machine really work?

Yes, a galvanic facial machine works and gives miraculous results. The galvanic facial machine directs the galvanic current of ions (positive and negative ions) directly into the skin. Within seconds, the skin absorbs the treatments and, electric energy tightens and clears the face.

Galvanic facial machine therapies use very low-frequency impulses, and that is why you should not worry about the risk of electric shock or burning. The electricity helps by triggering the cellular turnover so that all damaged tissues can repair quickly.

5. Is the galvanic facial machine safe?

Galvanic facial machine treatments are completely safe and painless as galvanic machines use low-grade electricity for treatments. The most you would feel during galvanic machine therapies is slight tingling.
Galvanic current has been extensively utilized for the treatment of facial paralysis so rest assured, galvanic facial machine treatments are safe.
However, even if a low-voltage current, galvanic facial machine involves the use of current and that is why you should not opt for galvanic machine treatments if any of the following conditions are true for you:

-You have high blood pressure, diabetes, spider veins, cardiovascular issues, or epilepsy
-Have a pacemaker
-You went through chemical peeling or dental surgery recently
-Have open wounds  

6. How Much does a galvanic facial machine cost?

A high-quality galvanic machine cost ranges from $45-$999. The average cost of a high-quality galvanic machine for home use ranges from $45-200, and the average cost of a high-quality galvanic machine for professional use ranges from $200-$999.

7. How much time do galvanic facial machine treatments take?

A galvanic facial machine treatment session takes between 45 minutes – 1 hour.

8. How many galvanic facial machine treatments you should take?

It depends upon the age. If you are in your 20s, go for galvanic machine therapies once or twice a week, but if you have are in your late 30s, go for a galvanic machine facial twice a week.

9. Is galvanic facial machine treatment painless?

Yes, galvanic facial machine treatments are painless. The intensity of the galvanic machine current is low. The most you would feel is a tingling sensation, and that should not be a problem.

Final Advise Regarding Galvanic Facial Machines

Galvanic facial machine treatments are an effective way of enhancing your beauty, and because of the excellent results of this treatment, it has become widely popular.

One of the best parts about galvanic facial machine treatment is that this treatment can be applied to all types of skin. So, what’s the wait for? If you want a young-looking, smooth, clear, bright, and anti-aging skin, either buy a top-class galvanic machine and do the treatment yourself or go to some beauty salon or spa for the treatment. We recommend that you buy a quality galvanic machine because that would save you from hefty amounts that you would have to pay every month to some beauty salon or spa.

After doing research, we reviewed the top 10 best galvanic machines. Each of the galvanic machines that we reviewed is special in its way. Some of them have more features, and some of them are very inexpensive.

Now we can’t say which one of the galvanic machines that we reviewed you must buy. This is because we don’t know your condition. We don’t know what is your biggest skin problem and your budget. If you have sun-damaged skin, then buy LYFT 2.0 By Nurysh Lifting & Firming Device without having any second thoughts as this machine’s best pro is treating sun-damaged skin. Similarly, if wrinkles are bothering you the most, consider DIFU 5 in 1 High-Frequency Galvanic Facial Machine or Project E Beauty Galvanic Rejuvenation Device.

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