What Is A Beauty Sleep Pillow? Does Buckwheat Pillow Help?

Beauty Sleep 

You probably know about the importance of having a beautiful sleep with a Buckwheat Pillow. But there are chances you’re adding further wrinkles to your face while you sleep. Well, it is sad to know that your pillow is what could be causing your skin to age unduly.

Cosmetic Physician Dr. Phoebe Jones confirms that lines on the face are caused when people lie on their side or belly. Over the years, this repetitious friction and pressure folding up the skin result in binding the wrinkles deeper into the skin. That said, it’s almost impossible for humans to avoid sleep. Since we have to sleep, all you need to do is upgrade your sleeping pillow!

What Is A Beauty Sleep Pillow?

Beauty sleep pillow is a unique shaped pillow figured to help you keep a perfect sleeping posture. It gives excellent healing and beauty and also offers an incredible feeling of acupressure. It is specially developed under the guidance of professionals in beauty care and sleep. Continuous usage of this pillow will cautiously take care of your neck and face.

As mentioned earlier, sound sleep is pretty essential for the overall well-being of humans. Over the centuries, this led us to search for suitable bedding materials and accessories. Pillows are one of them, and they come in many designs, sizes, and even stuffing material.

If you are a homeowner searching for a healthy stuffing choice for bedding and accessories, a buckwheat pillow is all you need.

Otherwise known as Sobakawa, the Japanese were the first to use the buckwheat pillow. Like other inventions, it spread to other parts of the world. Sobakawa is filled with hulls that contain buckwheat seeds covered in organic cotton.

Due to their springy feel when compressed, they provide firmer support. That makes the pillow perfect for your neck and head. More so, the pad is popular because it is comfortable and aids a good night’s sleep.

Advantage of Buckwheat Pillow

  • Adjustable: Users can adjust it to any size per preference. 
  • Odor-free: Though it slightly smells earthy when fresh, the other isn’t offensive like that of synthetic pillows.  
  • Nature-friendly:  Organic buckwheat is environmental-friendly. That means it is biodegradable, and you can dispose of it without worries about environmental hazards. 
  • Low maintenance: Of course, it is easy to replace damaged hulls instead of the entire pillow. It is also cost-effective. That’s because you don’t need professional cleanings to keep it soft and neat. Periodically, you can wash the covers in a washing machine, then sundry. Of course, this will get rid of the dampness from consistent use.

Do Buckwheat Pillow Help?

There are numerous benefits of using this product as your beauty sleep pillow. Here are the reasons to start using buckwheat pillows today.

Muscle Support

Poor sleeping posture leads to neck and back pain. A buckwheat pillow supports the neck and head, keeping these body parts in the correct position. Hence, the spine is well-supported and allowed to rest. 

Decreases Snoring

Snoring is also caused by poor sleep posture. Hence, your neck muscles’ inability to relax during sleep may impair your airways, resulting in snoring. While this pillow does not cure snoring issues, it can encourage a better posture. That means more air enters the tracks, keeping them open as you sleep. 

Better Sleep

Buckwheat pillows are adjustable to allow for an outlining of your comfort and body figure needs. Cervical alignment is achieved from this position, and your body will relax and rest uninterruptedly during sleep. 

Resistance to Dust Mite

This pillow does not attract bugs or insects because production does not involve a food source material. Buckwheat hulls garnered for pillow production are sourced organically. With that, there is no exposure to any pesticides and chemical processes. They are a good choice for hypoallergenic and dust mite resistance. 

May Help Relief Migraine

Reports of an increase in incidences of migraine attributed to using buckwheat pillow have been recorded. That is due to its excellent support for airways and soft tissues and light pressure on the specific neck and skull points. A feel-good hormone, endorphins, are released when these pressure points are triggered, ensuring relief.

Supports Airflow for a Calm Sleep

A night of more excellent sleep is gained as buckwheat hulls have enough tiny air holes between them, thus promoting airflow through the product. Compression is not a problem because it can only be closely composed when applied weight. Since they don’t hold or radiate heat, they are ideal for a more excellent sleep. 


A buckwheat pillow is famous for its reliability, durability, and comfort. That’s because of the quality materials used for production. But on average, you can use the pillow for ten years given the proper care. You can dream of your crush sleeping on a suitable pillow like this.

Meanwhile, friction between the hulls and the thin materials can cause wear over time. You can purchase a bag of hulls specifically made for refreshing it if your pillow is adjustable.

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