Everyone else struggles to ensure beauty preparations for the wedding day are in place, it would be wise to put great effort into your beauty routine. If your wedding is around the corner and you definitely want to sparkle like a diamond on your D day.

Preparing a wedding can be quite a hassle, and all the stress that comes with wedding planning can cause havoc on your skin.

How Do You Prepare Your Skin for Your Wedding Day?

We shall look at how you can get the wedding glow as a bride. With all eyes focused on you, you cannot afford anything less than a flawless face, free of dry skin, or other forms of impurities. Some brides have delicate face skin, and bringing out the perfect glow will require some effort.  A daily beauty procedure can be a good start for you.

Most people say that a facial is a luxury only reserved for special occasions such as one’s wedding. However, a daily skincare routine before your wedding day, and even past the D day will ensure smoother, and more radiant skin.

Skincare routines have one sole purpose which includes; cleaning skin pores, exfoliating dead skin cells, and treatment of skin conditions with masks.

For a bride, your skin, face, hands, and feet should be your main focus as you get ready for your wedding. Starting from the face, a facial will be a great way of obtaining that flawless wedding glow.

A facial is a skincare procedure mostly performed by skincare professionals with the aim of achieving healthy skin. The regular facial process involves the following procedures;


This is done by massaging a facial cleanser into the face, and neck area with a good face cleaning brush, purposefully to remove dirt and any traces of makeup. Cleansing is like step one, which helps a dermatologist to evaluate your skin and determines the appropriate custom mask they will use later on.


Exfoliation is basically the removal of dead skin cells from your skin. It is done by an exfoliating cream, or scrub. However, depending on the spa you visit, opening up pores by the use of steam is also another way of conducting the exfoliation process. You can also use a microdermabrasion machine for better results.


Does your skin have blackheads or acne? The extraction process deals with clearing individual pores that might have clogged due to excess oil or dead skin cells.

Lymphatic Massage

Massaging of the face, and probably the upper body helps in improving the lymphatic drainage of the skin, and a basic facial will not fail to include this process.


Applying masks on the face can be used to treat either oily or hydrate dry skin. There exist various masks that are used to combat either of the two skin conditions.

Finally, a serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen are used to complete the entire facial process.

Better still, the facial procedure can be done at home with the help of facial beauty products. You can begin a daily beauty regimen each day and night for six months as you prepare for your wedding.

Early preparations give you the chance to test different products and see which one works for you. More natural and less synthetic products are much more preferable.

However, as far as beauty products go, different skins react differently, thus early preparations give you the chance to test different products, and find the best fit for you.

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Long Term Beauty Preparations for The Wedding Day

As a bride on your wedding day everyone’s focus will be on you. Your guests will be on the lookout for some minor details. Your general appearance on this important day speaks a lot about your personality and your general inner beauty.

Every bride deserves glowing skin on their wedding day, and having thorough beauty preparations for the wedding day on your skin can be a great place to start.

While preparing for your big day, most brides are often stressed about their hair, body shape, nails, and so on. However, these are simple details that can easily be worked on, some few days to the wedding day. Have you stopped to think for a minute about your skin?

While you might think of makeup as the ultimate solution, it turns out makeup alone is not enough. In the struggle of trying to bring out the best version of yourself, most brides often forget their skin.  The skin is one particularly sensitive organ that if not properly taken care of, can completely ruin your as a bride on your wedding day.

There are some stubborn skin conditions that need specialized treatment. Skin therapists have recommended a 6 monthly skincare routine prior to your wedding day for perfectly glowing skin.

The 6 months duration not only gives you enough time to undergo the appropriate skin treatments, but also allows your dermatologist enough time to observe your skin and see how it reacts to different kinds of facial, and skin treatments.

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Preparation for The Hair

A healthy and shiny hair on a wedding day is a dream for most brides. Trust me, you do not want a bad hair day especially when your wedding is around the corner. Regular use of a hair mask can be helpful in preparing your hair for a special occasion.

Make prior arrangements with your hairdresser. Six months before the big day is enough time to trim, cut, color, grow your bangs, or make your hair blonder for a perfect look on your wedding day.

A perfectly shining hair, radiant skin, and a glowing face are key for a bride especially when it comes to wedding photos.

Hair And Makeup Trials

Securing your makeup and hair stylists some months prior to your wedding gives you enough time to do a test run on both hair, and makeup probably so that you can see how they look together. During the rehearsal, ensure to try out your dress, accessories, and shoes. This trial helps your team of designers have a clear picture of what you are looking for.

How exactly does a bride get ready for her wedding day?  The skin speaks a lot about a bride, and so you cannot afford to go wrong with the appearance of your skin. While everyone else will be spending a lot of time ensuring that flowers and every piece of the wedding are intact.

Flawless skin is one thing for sure you cannot count on unless you start preparing in advance. Like a bride at your wedding, we would want to see that glowing skin free of imperfections, and it should stay soft and smooth all day, into the night, and even past your wedding day.

Prepare Your  Neck for wedding

Well, as much as your wedding gown is probably going to cover a lot of your body area, visible regions of your body such as the neck, back, chest, and shoulders should be taken care of. These parts of the body can as well be considered an extension of the face, and thus should be well maintained just like the face.

While washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your face, make sure you also do the same of the neck, shoulder, chest, and back. The back and shoulder can be exfoliated while taking a bath, followed by a gentle cleanser, and moisturizer lotion on a daily basis for soft, smooth, and good-looking skin.

Beauty Preparation of Rest of The Body for Wedding

You can not entirely rely on your wedding gown to cover the rest of your body. Once your wedding is over you will still need to maintain that glowing skin. How is this achieved anyway? During your normal routines, a dry body brush will come in handy in getting rid of dry, dead skin.

Also, you will need to get rid of unwanted facial hairs, buccal fat removal, Brazilian hair removal, etc. You can use an ultrasonic cavitation machine to get rid of unwanted fat. You should also undergo a tanning procedure using a spray tan machine and good quality tan solution.

Body brushing also prevents ingrown hairs, eliminating toxins, and unclogging pores. Start with the front body part from the ankles and work upwards towards your heart. A shower will leave your skin pure as it will wash away the dead skin cells. Finally, a moisturizer ensures that your skin doesn’t dry out.

Wedding Beauty Preparation for Hands And Feet 

Your hands will be a particular center of interest for your wedding guests. It is your wedding day and you would want your hands and feet to look beautiful. Your feet are often exposed making them more susceptible to skin impurities.

A beautiful hand gives you the confidence to show off your ring. Having the right moisturizer will ensure that your hands glow throughout your wedding day.

Ensure your nails are strengthened and well taken care of in order to be in great shape for the wedding. Regular Manis and pedis will ensure a stunning look of your nails on your day. If your budget allows you can have regular mains and pedis before your wedding day. You can also cut down on the cost by doing them at home.

Avoid soaps that will leave your hands dry. A dry hand is prone to cracking, calluses, and roughness. Have your pedicure and manicure done on time, or better still choose a spa that will take good care of your hands?

Your feet will be engaged a lot on your wedding day and so you will want to keep your feet as comfortable as you possibly can. Frequent moisturizing of the feet will leave the skin around your feet well hydrated.

Having your feet covered up with cotton mittens, and socks at night after applying your moisturizer allows your feet to breathe while remaining hydrated at the same time.

Lifestyle Changes Needed for Wedding Skin Appearance

As small as these details may seem, they are utterly important in benefiting every inch of your skin

Drinking plenty of water: The skin is an excretory organ, and thus drinking a lot of clean water helps you flush out toxins from the body. Water also helps in fighting breakouts on your skin.

Sleep is also a very important issue. You must have a beauty sleep for fresh skin and remove wrinkles.

Diet; A healthy diet equals healthy skin. Your diet should comprise lots of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes you might consider taking supplements. A multivitamin specifically for the skin will also be helpful in the development of healthy skin. If you are unsure about the vitamins good for you, consult with your doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins.

Your skin’s health entirely depends on your diet. Always remember to wear sunscreen whenever you find yourself in the sun to avoid wrinkles, aging spots, or sunburns

Go easy on your skin. Once in a while, as you prepare for your wedding, you might come across a stubborn pimple on your face. Remember not to panic. Also, ensure that you do not irritate it further by poking or prodding as this only makes the situation worse.

The best thing to do with the blemish is to gently exfoliate, and cleanse it before wearing your makeup

Glowing skin is not only needed for your wedding day, but also for other major occasions that follow your wedding. For your honeymoon, you’ll need a perfectly healthy skin. Whichever place you decide to have your honeymoon, you’ll be glad you gave your skin extra care six months before. While rocking in those sundresses and your favorite outfits, it is important to care for your skin as well, and not just your face.

The Bottomline Regarding Wedding Day Preparation

In conclusion, early beauty preparations for the wedding day will ensure perfectly glowing skin both before and after marriage. Perfectly healthy skin gives you confidence as you walk down the aisle. Last-minute skin therapies will always leave you frustrated. However, preparing your skin six months to your wedding can be quite a breakthrough to perfectly glowing skin.



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