Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Reviews and User Guideline

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If you are looking for genuine Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine reviews, this post will be helpful for you. It can be one of the most effective and useful products in your home. It offers sophistication to the routine of spray tanning. You will feel one of the smoothest spray feelings coupled with minimum solution wastage and complete coverage of the body. The Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine also comes with cord management base, a German-engineered turbine unit with a built-in cup holder and a traditionally styled sprayer.

The retractable carry handle and the detachable gun holder additionally provide the sleekness of the workflow. You will find many features you will find such as one of the finest designs, a long history of success to feature to your list of reasons for the purchasing of this product.

Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine



With one of the latest model within the spray tan enterprise, Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine revolutionizes the spray tanning automation technology. Additionally, It comes with its myriads of latest features, designs, patented inventions inside the tan gadget. The product is usable by salon users, home users, and mobile tanners. Here, we will go over some of the basic features after our comprehensive aura allure spray tan machine reviews of the product in detail. It will provide you a greater specific concept when you will go purchase it from the market.

The Finest Design

When we see its designs, we see this product comes with the best and finest design. Classiness and Aesthetic play a significant role in the tanning industry. Moreover, the Allure Machine has the stylish, luxury and lavish design to be able to praise your salon without any doubt. It is not always bulky or heavy. The metallic finish and gloss back surface also add class to the outer design and finish. The machine comes with a compact design with its retractable handle and you can easily manage and store it.

Ingenious Filtration System

Filtration is significant for spray tanning product and Allure comes with the best filtration system. Allure comes with a gold filtration duct for collection of overspray. Due to the best and ingenious filetr4eaiton system, you can easily channel the over-sprayed solutions behind the side panel of the turbine unit. You can also direct it right to the filter out the hidden beneath the unit. This feature permits less wastage and greater product durability and life.

Perfect Coverage and Precise Flow Control

You will find a solution dial inside the unit designed especially for the tanning market. It comes with a zero-2fl oz. Solution control functionality that enhances the precision to the float that is essential for tanning special frame parts. You will also find a good-patented Satin Nozzle Technology for spray fan atomization. This technology maximizes solution to use and offers smoothest feasible tan application, low overspray, and perfect coverage.

Excellent Turbine

The turbine of the Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine is the best part of our thinking. When we the design of the turbine, we see it very compact, and easily storable. Due to its lightweight design with very little cable attachment, you can easily control it. In addition, this feature provides us less prone to cable tripping or any kind of accidents.

The turbine additionally makes little or no noise, most effective 76 decibels. This feature makes it quiet noise and provides to the general stylishness of your salon.

2 Year Warranty


The Aura Allure spray tan machine comes with a 2-year warranty. You can compare with Norvell products, so this unit can also include the Norvell Venetian Spray tanning solution. The kit is likewise internally water-resistant.

Besides, the Package Includes
• Extra Large “Skylight” Style Spray Tanning Tent
• Norvell 3 Pack Spray Tan Product Bundle,
• Aura Allure Spray Tanning Machine,
• Carrying Bag

Easy Operation

The retractable handle, compact design and unit’s gun holder make it very smooth and easy to clean the machine. Besides that motor unit also comes with an ON/OFF grooved dial with smooth grip. You do not need a spillage from the unit and extra hands. Furthermore, this unit makes your tanning classes a breeze.

Easy Maintenance

This unit comes with no spillage and much less overspray. Such design makes common cleaning unnecessary. Moreover, the German technology turbine does not require long cooling time for operating, and you can operate it for the long term. The product durability is superb that is why it provides us a 2-years guarantee for it.

Easy Storage

The product gives storage because of its compact and smooth design, retractable handles, docked gun-holding system and cable management system.


• The best maximum and minimum waft dial control.
• Solution wastage is kept at a minimum level.
• Smoother spray feeling on the skin
• The turbine may be very quiet.
• Waterproof, easily cleaned
• Low over-spray


• The bottle can leak a chunk.
• Spray stress is probably low.


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Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine

Which technology is used in Spray nozzle?

This product uses Satin Spray Nozzle Technology. This technology is technology. It is used finest atomization for a smooth feeling on the skin, perfect coverage and low overspray.

What is the efficiency of flow control?

This Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine has the Fine & Precise Flow Control. The special design of the solution dial is for the best solution control, which provides 0-0.50ml of solution control. It is special for the training market.

What is the main feature of a quiet turbine?

Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine provides us Whisper Quiet Turbine. The feature of less noise allows more flexibility for spa’s, training schools and salons.

Does this machine has an attractive design?

Definitely, this tan machine has Stylized Salon Design. The metallic finishes and gloss black surfaces provide this machine an immoderate feel of class, luxury, and glamour.

Does this machine provide the salon quality?

Definitely, I personally use this machine for my spray tan business:


There are many spray tan machines; you will find in the market. Additionally, among all of the precise features, they all offer, it will be quite difficult to compete within the marketplace. However, Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine does compete and it participates effectively. It gives us many unique features, classiness, and safety multi-function. In addition, whether you are a beginner within the tanning business or a professional veteran, Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine will serve your tanning wishes more than you can wish for.

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