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Spray tan tips for pale skin helps to guide fair skin people to receive a tanned appearance. Pale skin people generally struggle to maintain a healthy sun-tanned color. Also, our awareness of skin burn and cancer continue to raise awareness. Pale skin individuals feel scared to either take part in sunbathing or to use chemically induced products. Some of these products may burn your skin and create marks. Most people feel scared to take part in spray tan treatments. Why is this? Individuals indicated the tan looks fake and unnatural.

Spray tan for Pale skin

The question remains, can pale skin individuals also look suntanned and so-called healthy looking? What options can we use to give our skin a more colored outlook? In the article below I aim to investigate and understand the use of spray tan and the outcome thereof. Can we use spray tan safely or may we experience some issues? First, we need to understand what spray tan is.

What is Spray Tan?

Spray tan offers a misty outlook with an ingredient named Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and interacts with your skin. Your skin creates a bronze or tanned-looked color. The effect remains temporary and lasts about a week. It depends on how your skin reacts to the treatment. Different types of spray tan devices exist and used by beauty specialists or individuals. One can undertake this exercise at home or visiting a professional skincare clinic. The mist normally comes from the jets, or nozzles attached to the spray can. The other option relies on the airgun or airbrush approach. The appliances present a paint gun form and easy to use.

Tips to Use Spray Tan Safely for Pale Skin

To protect your skin from damage if you spray tan, follow a couple of rules. These requirements allow you to receive a smooth and even spray tan. The following spray tan tips provide us with basic guidance before we start with the process.

1. Remove Make-Up

Remove Make-Up from your face and body before you tan. For example foundations, creams and powders create a barrier on your skin. Sometimes we also use dark makeup and if not removed confuses us to choose the correct color. Pale skin people normally struggle to find the correct color to use as make-up. With a spray tan, we experience the same challenges.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your body before you start the spray tan process. Attempt to use a suitable scrub at least 8-9 hours before you attempt to spray tan. The scrubbing process removes dead skin cells. Dead skin cells may impact the treatment ability to create a smooth skin color. Many exfoliation options exist, one can purchase. They differ between home-made products to more advanced specialized scrubs. You can use a professional microdermabrasion machine.

3. Remove Other Body Creams and Lotions

Remove other body creams and lotions before you tan. If you leave the creams before your spray tan, it causes spots and smears to appear. Also, the use of deodorant or perfume impact on the smoothness of your spray tan. Using these beauty products before the time also may cause newly tanned areas to flake. You can use only recommended indoor tanning lotions, tingle tanning lotions, tanning bed lotions.

4. Spray Tan Aftercare

Invest in a spray tan aftercare exercise and follow the correct steps. Aftercare remains critical to ensure you keep the spray tan within a reasonable time.

The following few tips should guide you in the process:

  • Focus on your clothing choices and aim to wear loose dresses.
  • Look at the shoes you wear and allow for open-toe designs.
  • Do not swim after the spray tan and avoid additional exercises or showers after the spray tan.
  • Continuously place after-care cream on your body to maintain your skin’s health. You should use only the best body washes after spray tan.

5. Use An Additional Tan Extender

As much as we fair skin people strive to find the bronze healthy look, the color fades quickly. Therefore, a pale individual may need to use an additional tan extender. Various types of color extenders exist on the market. Also, attempt to find spray tan with existing color, extender included. The aim of spray tan focuses on achieving a natural outlook. Attempt to stay away from overly bronze colors that make your skin look fake.

6. Use The Correct Spray Tan option

Use the correct spray tan solution and find a color that suits your body complex. DHA present the active tan component as explained earlier in the article, and the use of a 10% DHA offers a suitable number. It remains critical to read the information provided on the product, especially if you self-spray tan.

7. Allocate Sufficient Time

Attempt to allocate sufficient time to complete your spray tan exercise successfully. Sometimes we aim for the faster option. It may not reflect the best self-tan opportunity. Attempt to find spray-tan that takes over 7 hours to develop. Also, the extra time helps when we pale-skinned people feel nervous about the coloring. You slowly notice the change in color and can remove it if not preferred. If you more confident and spray many times, you welcome to follow the quicker options. If a novice, spray tan at a beauty clinic may provide a safer option to follow.

8. Develop Your Skin Layers Slowly

Develop your skin layers slowly and do not haste your body to display a healthy tan. Because we become so eager to show-off our golden tans, we spray too many layers during a short time. First, apply an even spray tan layer and allow the color to settle. When you notice the color became settled, then you add another layer to your skin.

9. Sunscreen

Remember to use sunscreen after your spray tan. It remains critical to protecting your skin from sunburn all the time.

If you spray tan, rub the mist gently into your body to give it a smooth outlook. It also helps to remove the uneven layers developing. Nothing becomes more frustrating if you develop streaks on the skin layer.

What are the housekeeping tips to follow if you Self-Spray tan? 

If you follow a self-spray tan option, you need to consider a few tips. Housekeeping and general rules assist with keeping the process fluent. Let us see what I mean by this. Keep the following tips in mind when you prepare or undertake self-spray tanning.

  • Remember to towel dry your body in full after exfoliating.
  • It helps to use gloves, socks, and a shower cap. Otherwise, you find spray tan all over your body, you may not want. For example, you aim to keep your hands, feet, and hair protected from the spray tan.
  • It helps to stand in the shower when you spray tan or a bath. Otherwise, your whole bathroom may need proper cleaning afterward.


Pale skin individuals many times envy the ability of other people to carry a bronze and healthy suntan. Luckily options exist for us to also maintain a tanned outlook. Keeping in mind because we comprise pale skins, any overly colored options make us look fake. Therefore, it remains critical to investigate and identify a color suited to your skin. Spray tan options allow for self-treatment or more specialist opportunities, depending on your budget and experience. If you a novice, start slow or attend a beauty treatment at a clinic first. If you are more comfortable at home, you may implement several tests before you start to feel more confident.

In summary, follow the spray tan tips for pale skin to protect your skin from harm. Also, the tips prevent you from making mistakes that may impact the smoothness and prettiness of your tan.


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